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The Grundfos CR series industrial pump offers the highest efficiency of any multi-stage centrifugal pumps in the world; a considerable advantage to the operating efficiency of large pumps.


The Grundfos CR pump line is the last word in multistage pump technology.

The basic CR pump range is already the broadest pump range available for any industrial application.

With the Grundfos modular approach the application range has been made even broader.

The CR pump line is available in four different materials: cast iron,
two grades of stainless steel, and all-titanium (for corrosive liquids). There are eleven flow sizes, capable of producing up to almost 725 psi pressure, and with a variety of shaft seals, rubber materials and supply voltages.

Pump parts which are typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or particularly demanding operating conditions can be designed for their purpose and for specific requirements. Grundfos CR pumps come with various pumps sizes and various numbers of stages to provide the flow and the pressure required. 

CR pumps are suitable for a variety of applications from pumping
potable water to pumping chemicals. The pumps are therefore used in a wide variety of pumping systems where the performance and material of the pump meet specific demands.

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The e-SV fabricated vertical multistage pump is an energy
saving, non priming pump coupled to a standard premium efficient motor.

It’s built to withstand a variety of mechanically aggressive and high temperature liquids, and is designed to extend uptime and help reduce lifecycle costs in a wide range of demanding applications.


The e-SV range of pumps features 11 models, and each can be specially configured for a wide range of environments. What’s more, when an e-SV is paired with a HYDROVAR® or AQUAVAR® IPC variable speed drive, it provides energy saving increases up to 70% vs. fixed speed, while reducing installation time.


Also available in preprogrammed, pre-assembled packages, the e-SVE Smart Pump and Packaged HYDROVAR are complete systems, delivering market-leading efficiency and performance right out of the box.


The e-SV’s design allows removal of the mechanical seal without having to remove the motor, reducing repair time by up to 50%.

A standard mechanical seal, wearing components, service tools and standard NEMA motors enable faster and easier maintenance and servicing.

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The model 3756 offers a bearing frame mounted design for flexibility of installation and drive arrangements.

Rubber bellows seal for both reliability and availability, with carbon/ceramic/BUNA standard and other faces and elastomers available.

3656/3756 available in all iron, bronze fitted or all bronze construction for application versatility.

• Flow Range 9 - 550 GPM (0.5 - 35 L/S)
• Maximum Head 280' (85 m)
• Maximum Temperature250°F (121°C)
• Maximum Pressure 175 psi (1207 kPa)

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Goulds 365S6/3756 M&L Group End Suction Pumps are an extremely
versatile pump.

They are designed with a back pull-out to reduce down time and are end suction flanged.

Best used with applications such as booster service, spraying systems, irrigation, liquid transfers, general purpose pumping and many more.

Goulds 3656/3756 M&L Group End Suction Pump features include:
• Flow: Up to 4650 GPM • Inlet: 2" to 10"
• Discharge: 1-1/2" to 8"

• Connection: Flange and NPT
• Horsepower: 1 HP to 150 HP
• Speed: 1180 RPM, 1750 RPM and 3500 RPM
• Material: All Iron and Bronze Fitted
• Max Temperature: +212

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