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Titan Foundry Man Hole Frame
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Titan Foundry is a manufacturer of cast iron products for the sewer and water industry. We are proud to be the
benchmark supplier in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. We have been supplying the industry for over 50
years. Titan Foundry’s municipal castings are manufactured from the finest Gray or Ductile Iron and are
manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest ASTM standards.

Titan Foundry Manhole Cover
Titan Foundry Manhole Cover


Manhole frame and covers are used as an access point for underground public utilities and come in a variety of sizes to fit the specifications and applications of the municipality.
Our applications include both off and on-road usage. When sourcing from our domestic foundry, our castings contain greater than 90% post consumer material.
Pictured are TF-101 9” Frame and Locking Solid Cover and TF-116 5” Frame and Utility Cover. Additional models available upon inquiry.


Titan Foundry supplies a variety of catch basins to meet each municipality’s individual specifications for water flow and capture. Sizes, shapes and models used are typically
determined by design project engineers to fit desired drainage management solutions.

Titan Foundry Catch Basin
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