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Service box
service box
service box
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Valve boxes allow access to operate underground valves, and can be used as a cleanout or inspection point for underground systems.

Valve boxes extend from the top of a gate valve to grade, in order to encase a valve box spindle which is used to operate the valve (open or closed).

Pictured is Type D 28” Valve Box Upper with Hinged Lid (Sewer or Water markings available) and Valve Box Spindle with Top and Bottom Nut.

Additional models available upon inquiry.

valve box tools
valve box tools
service box rods

At Titan Foundry we guarantee to supply our customers with service boxes and service box rods which are to your specifications. They will be free and clear of defects in materials or workmanship. Our company is dedicated to producing top quality
Service Box products and committed to supplying our customers with the best level of service in the industry.

Titan Foundry specializes in corrosion resistant service boxes and service box rods that have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of hot soil conditions.

We also carry a broad variety of different styles of service boxes, manufactured to meet your own specific requirements and specifications.

Pictured are Service Boxes 7’-9’ with Small and Large Boots (Material options Poly, Cast Iron and Epoxy Coated Iron) and 304 Stainless Steel Service Box Rod.

Additional models and lengths and available upon inquiry.

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