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Land Acknowledgement

WE greatly acknowledge that FN Paper & Chemical Supply Limited Partnership Head Office is located on Swan Lake First Nation, #8a Headingley, Manitoba

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Our Affiliations

About Us

Our Team at FN Paper & Chemical Supply Limited Partnership see the demand for wide-spread change and improvement in the supply chain as it relates to supplying Indigenous businesses, organizations, and Communities.

For us, diversity isn't a numbers game, it is a core value. Equity isn’t a one-off initiative, it's an intentional design choice. Inclusion isn’t a fleeting emotion, it is a culture. Empathy is paramount to how we wish to conduct our daily interactions with our valued clients.

We believe Indigenous Business deserve the right to have a fair and equitable opportunity for Indigenous Commerce and with that in mind we have strived to positively change that mindset in what has been primarily a non-indigenous supply chain.

Our Approach

Our approach is to understand our Customer and Community's needs and any obstacles and then to offer our personalized long-term cost-effective strategy for fulfilment of our products and services.


Our services include assessing our client's needs, design a supply and logistics strategy, and where needed, provide training and education on our products.


Our Products


Before any products are even considered, it is paramount that each potential Supplier or Manufacturer understands our Company Slogan in the hopes that their company walks the same similar walk, which is to WORK HARD, HAVE FUN, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

With that in mind, throughout the process, the decision on any manufacturer or supplier is not just weighted on price and quality, but is also defined by the importance that they realize and agree that the end goal and relationship will always be measured against our company motto, which is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.​

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